QDD Learning To Take A Stitch In Time Is “Sew” Easy

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Here’s news that may have you in stitches.

Learning To Take A Stitch In Time Is “Sew” Easy

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Here’s news that may have you in stitches: Sewing is an increasingly popular hobby-and very different from the way it was a generation or so ago. Now, whether you’re a longtime expert sewer or just starting out with this useful and enjoyable skill, modern sewing machines offer a variety of wonderful features-if you know what you need.
Here are some tips from the experts at Husqvarna Viking on selecting a sewing machine:
• Decide what sort of sewing you want to do. Do you want to sew for yourself? Create gifts for family and friends? Make decorative accessories for your home, such as pillows and drapes, or decorate already-made clothing?
• Ask other sewers what brands and features they like.
• Go to a reputable, independent sewing machine dealer who is knowledgeable about the product. Independent retailers may offer more amenities than mass merchandisers can, such as free sewing lessons when you buy the machine.
• Take a “test drive.” Sit at the machine and sew a few seams. Test the straight stitches for stitch quality, buttonholes for ease of use and decorative stitches for the fun of it. See how well the machine works with various weights of fabrics and how easy it is to thread and wind bobbins.
• Ask for references. How does the dealer handle repair issues, activities and customer support?
• Find out about warranties and bonuses.
• Look for ease-of-use features, such as those found on today’s Husqvarna Viking machines: built-in sewing information that automatically sets your machine and provides you with important facts for successful sewing; a built-in sensor system that ensures smooth feeding of different fabric weights and types; one-touch stitch selection, a convenient time-saver; and instructional video or CDs, which may help you become more comfortable with the machine at your own pace in your own home.
• Also consider how much of the sewing you want to do and how much you’d rather leave to the machine. Computer chip technology, for example, has given rise to machines that can embroider all by themselves.

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