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Information on installing a domestic stair lift.

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Installing a stairlift into the home is a complex and skilled task and should only be tackled by a trained professional who will ensure a correct fit and user safety.
A stairlift basically consists of two elements;
1) The Track -Straight or Curved rail leading up the stairs.
2) The Powered Chair – Comprising of a seat, footrest, armrests and control unit mounted on the track.
Prior to instillation the majority of stair lift companies will complete a survey to evaluate the environment that the stairlift will be fitted prior to confirming the final quotation.
As part of this survey the engineer will assess the condition of the stairs as the track or rail will be secured to it and so will be subject to the weight of stairlift and the user.
If the stairs are sound the first stage of an installation is to lay the track on the side of the stairs which offers the best access and user experience (normally discussed with customer during the site survey). A track is normally fixed to the stairs by using brackets screwed directly into the stair tread (the top of the stair). The track can be supported entirely by brackets or rest on the stairs themselves depending on the make and model. A track is normally supplied by the manufacture in smaller sections which are connected by the engineer to complete the installation.
When the track has been successfully installed the motor is generally installed next and the wiring work is completed.
Finally the seat is simply attached to the track and the motor and the stairlift will be ready for testing by the engineer.
A curved stairlift causes a more intensive installation as the track is required to follow the curves of the wall. Generally curved stairlifts are considerably more expensive to purchase due to increased installation time and more complex engineering required within the product.
A standard straight stairlift can normally be fitted in 1-2 hours depending on specification.

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