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inuing Education
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This article provides readers with an introduction to online nursing continuing education.
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In order to maintain licensure or certification, those in the nursing profession need to complete continuing education courses, also known as CEUs, or Continuing Education Units. Many CEU programs are available online, which makes obtaining CEUs much easier for many people. If you are new to online education, this introduction to online nursing continuing education will point you in the right direction.
Organizations to Know
The first stop along the introduction to online nursing continuing education is important organizations to know. One is the American Nurses Credentialing Center, or ANCC. This organization is the leading nursing credentialing organization in the U.S. When investigating continuing education courses, whether online or otherwise, an ANCC certified program is a good option. Information is available at
Another organization with useful information for nurses seeking CEUs is the American Nurses Association, or ANA. Their website is
Types of CEUs
The next stop in the introduction to online nursing continuing education is the available options. One of the more exciting parts about CEUs is that you can find courses on virtually any aspect of nursing. If you specialize, you can choose CEUs that are directly related to your field. This option also allows you to learn about areas where you are not as familiar and want additional information or a “refresher” course on a certain aspect of nursing.
Be advised, however, that some states require that you complete certain CEUs. Before you choose only programs of interest, check with your state to determine if you need to complete a mandatory program first.
When choosing online CEU options, choose a provider that is accredited. You also need to be sure you understand what is required to earn the CEUs. Some online providers offer CEUs free of charge, but before you choose one of these options, ensure that the course meets all of your requirements.
While you still need to conduct thorough research into any CEU provider you are contemplating, this introduction to online nursing continuing education will help you get started.

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