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Asthma is considered to be a respiratory system disease. This condition causes the person with Asthma to have difficulty breathing in the form of shortness of breath, coughing, the feeling of chest tightness, and sometimes feeling winded.
Asthma attacks the narrowing of the bronchial tubes that can leave the person without enough air to receive the oxygen they need. When these “attacks” occur the person can be left breathless, dizzy, and can cause them to faint.
Many things can bring on an asthma attack such as a burst of cold air, running, odors, mold, and other allergens. These attacks or asthmatic episodes can include breathless, fast breathing, delayed expiration of breath, and a faster heart rate. With severe asthma attacks the person experiences lack of oxygen which can bring on chest pain, fainting, and unconsciousness. In some rare cases with severe attacks their have been incidences of respiratory arrest and even death. Other that during these asthma attacks the person shows no signs of asthma.
The major symptoms of Asthma include shortness of breath, a “wheezing” sound and coughing. During the coughing the mucous will be clear with no sign of green or yellow. Green or yellow mucous shows signs of an infection. Asthma is not an infection, so the mucous will be clear.
In allergic asthma the attacks are brought on by allergens. This type of attack is always brought on by inhaling something like pet dander, mold, dust, or even the pollen from plants and flowers. These allergens bring on a reaction of the airways to the lungs to become swollen and the oxygen that you breathe in can not go through the airways. This can cause coughing, a wheezing sound, and shortness of breath.
In non-allergic asthma is usually brought on by nervousness, tension, a burst of cold air or hot dry air, exercising, smoking, or other inhaled irritants. The symptoms are the same but it is not caused from an allergy.
Asthma is a hereditary condition, but just because one or both of your parents have asthma does not necessarily mean you will also have asthma. Many with no history of asthma also can have this condition. It can be triggered by a cold, exercise, allergies, etc…
Asthma can be treated in two different forms one with and inhaler and one in pill form. Inhalers are considered to be the quick cure. This will relieve the symptoms and the person will be able to breathe normally in just a few minutes. The long term controllers are of course pills. The pills are normally anti-inflammatory medications that can keep control of the inflammation in the airways to the lungs.
There is no way to prevent asthma but you can lead a very normal life by doing as your physician suggests.

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