Warnings in Buying Cheap Generic Drugs



Purchasing generic medicines at online pharmacies is indeed a very convenient alternative for those who do not have the time to buy their medications at local drugstores. However, ordering and buying generic medicines via the Internet can be harmful to one’s health. With this, the author of the article provides a list of warnings in buying cheap generic drugs on the Internet.

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With the conveniences brought by the numerous pharmacy stores on the Internet today, it is no wonder why online drugstores become very popular among consumers today. These websites really benefit those who are really busy and live in far-off places that they just couldn’t find the time to buy the medicines they need. In addition to a faster and easier way to buy generic medications, most legitimate online pharmacies also offer cheaper products compared to the ones offered at local drugstores.
Yes, buying medicines online appears to be quite simple, but this can also pose danger or harm to one’s health, especially if one is not careful or choosy enough in deciding which site to purchase on. However, the possible dangers involved in buying or ordering from online pharmacies should not really become the sole basis of consumers in deciding whether or not to buy medicines at such sites. Remember that there are also a number of legitimate or licensed online pharmacies for consumers to rely on for their medications, although the costs of medications or drugs are noticeably higher compared to the hoax websites.
As emphasized earlier, it is really a good option to buy medications via the Internet. But if one is not careful, he might encounter bad experiences in purchasing drugs online. Below are the common warnings associated in buying cheap generic drugs on the Internet:
1. There are some online pharmacies that do not require prescriptions from consumers. These websites are surely illegitimate for selling drugs without requiring prescriptions is considered illegal. The services these websites offer are not regulated. All medications or drugs offered to consumers are most likely expired or contaminated.
2. There are some websites that require consumers or site viewers to answer an online questionnaire instead of asking for prescriptions. After answering the questionnaires, a medication is then recommended to consumers. These websites are obviously a fake, for questionnaires cannot take the place of prescriptions. Questionnaires cannot tell if the recommended treatments are appropriate. These also cannot detect if consumers have certain health complications that may worsen due to the use of the recommended generic drugs or medications.
3. Purchasing medications without prescriptions from foreign websites is really expensive, for importing drugs from foreign sites is really illegal.
4. Websites that exaggeratively promote their services and products are regarded as fake or hoax pharmacy sites. Loud promotion of services and products are just means of illegitimate pharma sites to attract consumers to their websites.
5. Online pharmacies that do not have in-house and registered pharmacists or physicians should be avoided because these sites are mostly likely offering illegitimate services and products.
6. Consumers should watch out for pharmacy stores on the Internet that feature very low prices on generic drugs or medications. Either the featured prices are true yet the products are contaminated or there are hidden fees on the offered generic medicines.
7. Websites that do not have privacy policy or statement are mostly fake or hoax sites. Consumers should always check first if their prospect online pharmacies have privacy statement to avoid landing on hoax websites.

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