SLAS Adjustable bed memory foam – old mattress will now be bad memories!

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Adjustable bed memory foam will make any memories of your old mattress unpleasant. Here’s why!

adjustable bed memory foam

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An adjustable bed memory foam is an innovation that is partly derived from technology researched by NASA for their astronauts to provide extra comfort to household users. Memory Foam was originally created for NASA astronauts because the slow-recovery cushions relieved some of the G-force on astronauts during launches. Memory Foam used as materials for adjustable bed memory foam will also mold to your body’s pressure, providing comfort and support.

An adjustable bed memory foam uses foam materials that is a unique combination of progressive visco elastic foam that gives a sensation that is different from other mattress types because it molds to each individual torso and returns to its normal shape. Visco Elastic Foam is used by NASA in the space shuttle seats to cushion the effect of G-forces during lift off since it is energy absorbing. An adjustable bed memory foam does not just relieves pressure on the body, but also is wrapped in a special fabric which protects the Visco material and extra edge support for ease of getting up from bed. This makes the adjustable bed memory foam a unique type of mattress.

Always try to look for adjustable bed memory foam that are designed to deliver maximum comfort. adjustable bed memory foams are ideal for increasing the comfort of sleeping, relaxing, reading, writing, eating, and even making love in bed.

Usually. adjustable bed memory foam comes with convenient hand control to set the sections settings independently. On the normal basis, an adjustable bed memory foam comes with the following features. Adjustable bed memory foam are normally high quality orthopedic mattress with matching foam base. They also come with independent head and foot operation for ease of control. Some units of adjustable bed memory foam comes with wireless pendant with glow-in-the-dark buttons for extra visibility.
Never forget to ask you sales person to recommend an adjustable bed memory foam that has two powerful, yet extremely quiet electric motors respond instantly to commands. If you have the time to shop for a proper adjustable bed memory foam, then look for one that has an individual locking casters, because it allows easy movement of the bed, as well as a locked into position. Finally, I would prefer to recommend people to buy one with unitized steel frame that features armor shield plating. You’d want your adjustable bed memory foam to possess exceptional toughness, impact resistance and extensive corrosion protection for many years of useful life. I also came across new models of adjustable bed memory foam that come with a dual 10 speed massager which you can set using a 30 minute timer, to provide you with a soothing muscle relaxation after a hard day’s work.

Most adjustable bed memory foam units usually weigh around 270 lb. and they normally have a weight capacity of 425 lb. So you can now be sure to understand your adjustable bed memory foam’s limitations as well as potentials, in its course of providing you with a good night’s rest!

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