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Home bars are the ultimate example of dedication and convenience. One can easily drink to excess while saving money and not having to find a way home. Men can avoid angering their wives, because a night at the bar would merely entail them staying home.

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There can’t be good living where there is not good drinking.” — Benjamin Franklin
Owning a home bar can be a very fun investment. For many people drinking is definitely on of the high points of their day. Having a safe, readily accessible supply of alcohol can increase anyone’s enjoyment of their daily lives.
Home bars are the ultimate example of dedication and convenience. One can easily drink to excess while saving money and not having to find a way home. Men can avoid angering their wives, because a night at the bar would merely entail them staying home.
Do not allow children to mix drinks. It is unseemly and they use too much vermouth.” — Steve Allen
Once the decision to purchase a home bar has been made, the shopping can begin. The purpose of the bar is the determining factor for which style to buy.
For small soirees and outdoor get-togethers, small portable bars are ideal. There are many styles of these types of bars. Some styles include wheeled carts, while others prefer lighter structures that can be more easily moved.
Those who like to entertain outdoors can also appreciate bars made especially for that purpose. Traditional Tiki bars and rustic looking wooden bars are common themes at poolside parties.
Traditional large bars are a common favorite amongst those with large enough houses to have room to spare. These generally take up a lot of wall space and are made to feel just like a public facility. They are usually composed of a wall unit for storing alcohol and glasses, a space for the bartender, and an actual bar for patron to sit.
Beer brewers shall sell no beer to the citizens, unless it be three weeks old; to the foreigner they may knowingly sell younger beer.” — German Beer Law, 1466
When most people think of bars they tend to think primarily about liquor, but beer is such a fundamental aspect of the history of drinking that it is hard to discount the significance of being able to serve beer properly at home.
Many of the larger home bars come with easy to use draft levers. Drinking from a keg that is properly maintained can save an avid drinker a considerable amount of money. By the ounce, it is almost always a better investment to buy in bulk.
A properly stored beer keg can last from three to four months. Someone who has at least one beer a day, the cost of a keg easily makes up for itself when compared to the cost of a 12-, or even, 24-pack.
Small refrigerators are placed under the bar to allow the beer to maintain the proper temperature for maintaining its flavor. These are connected by a series of tubes to the draft valve, provided easy access to good beer all of the time.
You’re not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on.” — Dean Martin
After choosing the proper home bar, stocking it becomes the most important aspect of proper hosting. Some people start by purchasing a couple bottles of classic liquors, but ultimately, a much wider selection is going to be necessary for a well-rounded collection of alcohol.
When it comes to the basics, there are a few items that no bar should be without. Vodka, tequila, rum, gin, whiskey, bourbon, and scotch make up the foundation for any true attempt at a bar. Other common liquors include various flavors of Schnapps. The most common of these are peach, melon, apple, and butterscotch.
Kailua, Jagermeister, and brandies are also very popular bar staples. There are hundreds of varieties of alcohol to choose from and personal preference plays a large role in determining the amount and kind of alcohol to provide.
In addition to regular liquors, wine and beer are also common drinking requirements for any bar. Providing a solid selection of these is fairly easy. Most wines come in different colors. One red, one white, and one blush wine can provide enough selection for most guests.
Beer can be a bit more complicated than wine, but only because there are more options available to the average drinker. There are the basic regular beers that can be found at any gas station across the country.
It is always advisable to stock up on regular beer, more than any other type of alcoholic drink. Light beer is great if you are going to have a group that includes a fair amount of women, because it has fewer calories then regular beer.
Strong, stout beers are considered essential to some, but they are very much an acquired taste. Wheat beers and ales provide a well-rounded flavor that lacks the intensity of most stout beers. Many of these also include fruit flavors for an added incentive.
In addition to the basic alcohols, having mixers to add flavor or dull the burn of some drinks is essential for any drinking experience. Soda, margarita and sweet and sour mix, and assorted juices can provide endless ideas for beverage making.
I feel sorry for people who don’t drink, because when they wake up, that’s best they feel all day.” — Frank Sinatra
Having a place to relax after a hard day can be one of the most significant improvements to the quality of your life and your overall health. Escaping the stress of daily life is essential to a happy existence. Home bars are a terrific way of ensuring that your home is not only a fun place for you, but also for your friends and family.
Maintaining a well-stocked bar and having people to share it with can be one of the most rewarding investments you can make for your home.

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